Are Not You Bored Of Wearing The Old T-Shirts?

Are Not You Bored Of Wearing The Old T-Shirts?

Are Not You Bored Of Wearing The Old T-Shirts?

Are Not You Bored Of Wearing The Old T-Shirts?

T-shirts are the most loved apparels for all during summer. It provides great relaxation to one’s body. T-shirts are light weighted and provide a great sense of relief during summer. What will happen if you get these T-shirts printed according to your design and is in the color that you like? This will be the best feeling for all the T-shirt lovers. There are many companies in Singapore that provide the facility of T-shirt printing. But don’t you think that they cost a lot? They cost any price that they want. DIY apparels are a cheap T-shirt printing company in Singapore. We were established in 2016 and since then we have been providing different types of printing on T-shirts. Some prints may remain for a month and some may remain for more than six months. This depends on your choice. We will describe all kinds of printing and then you have to choose among them.

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There are many schools who want that their students wear the same T-shirt on any occasion. These T-shirts are different from their normal school uniform. These T-shirts are printed in bulk but all are of different sizes. DIY apparels also provide class t-shirt printing in Singapore. We know that all the T-shirts are of different sizes and we take care of it. You have to just tell us the number of T-shirts for different sizes. We will accordingly print them and sent that at the school. You need to tell us in detail about the kind of print, the color and the design that will be printed on the T-shirts. Once the details are clear then only we will start printing it. Silkscreen printing is the most commonly used printing method. It is of four types: water-based, ink-based, plastisol ink and higher elasticity plastisol ink. We have a printing specialist that will guide you in choosing the best kind of printing ink. The disadvantage of silkscreen printing is that you cannot use too many gradients of colors in it. We can easily say that we provide cheap class t-shirt printing in Singapore.

If you want to get your jersey name and numbers printed on your T-shirts then go for vinyl heat transfer. This printing uses fewer colors to print. DIY apparels are new to the printing industry but then also we provide the best printing designs to our customers. We have all the latest techniques for printing. We want to print more T-shirts for you. Give us a chance to prove us.



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